The Half-Lock Fold

The next fold is probably the most useful fold, and at the same time the most confusing for many students. The essence of the fold is that it is a bent tube and develops at the point where we show changes of direction in a form, such as elbow, knee and the point where the leg meets the pelvis. In the bending of the tube, one section folds into the other, or locks into the other, hence its name “half-lock”. Look at the examples below and the following.

Drapery Half Lock 1 Drapery Half Lock 2

The next examples of the use of the half lock fold in showing the volume and change of direction of the underlying forms. Using the ends of the cylindrical forms of the drapery, such as the cuffs of the sleeves and pants, is an excellent tool for showing the volume as well as gesture of the figure.

Drapery Half Lock 4

By Glenn Vilppu

This article is an excerpt from the Drawing Drapery Manual.